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Why invest in a hand built log home?

Logs differ.

We choose the trees for our logs ourselves and dry them with the right technology.

Our hand-hewn logs are not like manufactured logs.  Our logs remain a part of nature, each telling their own story.

A hand built log home reflects the carpenter’s experience and skill at determining the exact position for every log in the building.

A log home built by hand is not a production line job; it’s an art form that only highly skilled carpenters can pull off.

Unique privilege

Today people withdraw themselves from nature, being inspired more by technology and innovation.

Overpopulation and urbanisation further reduce contact with nature, so there are fewer and fewer people who have the opportunity to live in a log home.

Even fewer have the possibility to live in a hand built log home.

A log home provides an escape from the everyday bustle. It offers a calmness obtained by following the flow of water or the crackle of fire.

A hand built log home reduces stress, boosts creativity and packs your mind with good intentions.

Direct contact with nature

A hand-hewn log is a construction material closest to nature – the bark is removed and the logs are cut to fit on top of each other.

A hand built log home preserves a tree’s original state the most.  Log treatment causes much less waste than a machine produced log home or a wood frame house. A hand built log home is committed to preserving nature.

Being in a log home, especially in the first years, you hear how the logs live as they dry and sink.

The miraculous sounds show the master’s experience – they signal that the house is improving and becoming stronger year after year.

Sound investment

The trees for our logs are at least 100 years old, whereas factories construct homes or frames with considerably younger logs.

Trees that are at least 100 years old produce logs that have a diameter of 28-32 cm at the narrow end.  Such logs produce a beautiful, massive home the value of which will increase with time, making it a very sound investment.

If you have any questions about hand built log homes, then please do contact us.

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