23 years of experience, over 160 log homes built
Our own experts choose the material for logs from local state forests
eesti puitmajaliit 12 years of membership in Estonian Woodhouse Association
Factory building of the year 2015: Best hand built log home

Ordering a log home

Our services are intended to function in a way that eliminates all avoidable problems.

Our team members are never locked into one project.  We move about projects in their different stages to notice aspects that eyes accustomed to the project might not notice.

Every Tender team member knows the big picture of the processes and knows which details require attention at any given moment. You can be sure that nothing will go unnoticed.

How we operate?

  • We choose the logs from local state forests ourselves.
  • All logs are hand peeled to maintain their uniqueness.
  • The peeled logs are placed in the kiln for almost one month. After this, we leave them outside for 6-12 months for secondary drying. Once their moisture content is between 15-25%, we can be sure that further drying will not “play” too much.

We put together the team with the most appropriate experience for your log home. The owners of Tender have over 21 years of experience with log homes and on average every team member has at least 10 years’ experience.

If you have decided to work with us, the process is as follows.

palkmaja arhitekti joonis

First, we clarify the required financial means throughout the construction period of the log home. We do this to avoid having to worry about work stoppage during the construction process.

If you decide that the price is right for you, we will recommend an architect for you, who has a lot of experience designing log homes. Skilled architects will guarantee proper functioning and uniqueness for your log home. A log home no longer needs to be boring.

Once all your important decisions are made, the exact work plan and budget is finalised. Regardless if you are building a luxurious hilltop mansion or a cosy sauna hidden amongst trees, you will always know where your money is going and what the structure currently looks like.


We have built log homes for a long time.
Our strength calculations are authentic so a house built by Tender is always safe for you and your family.

We know what we can do ourselves and where we should trust our long-term partners. The Tender team prepares walls and roofs for log homes as well as installs doors and windows in them, whereas our partners

- lay the foundation,
- do the electrical works and
- interior design, including stove building.

After confirming the budget and contract, the Tender team immediately starts work on the log walls, roof structure, gables and other details.

All tasks are finished based on the time frame that was agreed upon and without exception the goal is always the best conceivable end result. From cutting logs at the right time to correct node solutions – our masters guarantee the dependability of your log home.

palkmaja ehitamine kohapeal

Before transporting the prepared elements to your lot, we double-check that everything is ready. The walls are rebuilt onto the foundation on the lot. The roof, windows, doors, ceilings and interior walls are put up next. In the interest of everyone’s safety, only insured workers are allowed on the construction site.

On delivery of the home we provide you with maintenance instructions and much advice to ensure the beauty and integrity of your log home lasts for decades. Your log home should provide easy living.

We have never let down on a client and we know each home we have built. You can ask us questions even 15 years later if needed.

When your log home is finished, we give you precise instructions on its care. Examples:

  • During the first three years after construction, bolts should be tightened or released to avoid damage caused by settling of the logs.
  • After every five years, the log structure should be re-painted to keep up a nice, fresh appearance.

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