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3 typical, avoidable mistakes made when ordering a log home

For over 21 years we have been dealing with log homes.

This time has been sufficient to see and experience mistakes made when ordering and constructing log homes. In the initial years we made mistakes ourselves.  We have always admitted to our mistakes, have made corrections and recorded the lesson in our mind for the benefit of ourselves and others.

The most important aspects to consider before placing an order are listed below.  With large projects the proverb “measure twice cut once“ holds true.

You are welcome to discuss aspects by phone or clarify them with an e-mail, so do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Unclear budget

This mistake is most common in the finishing and furnishing stage.

The client does not have an understanding of the entire cost nor an exact overview of the available financial means.  Often the client wastes his time planning a home with 200 m2 when money is available only for a home with 100 m2.

Carefully consider your capabilities first and leave a buffer zone for unexpected expenses – you and the log home builder are then spared from surprises in the work process.

2. Specialists are not consulted in the design stage

Having sufficiently considered your financial opportunities, you can move ahead to a sketch or project to illustrate your wishes.

Often architects with little experience or no architect at all is used. The cost of a home is largely dependent on the length of walls, quantity of wall intersections and recesses etc, which an architect with little experience in log homes (or the client) does not know to take into consideration.

Log home planning requires considering many other peculiarities, such as the sinking of log walls.  Ignoring peculiarities may result in paying painful penalties later.

When designing the home, the movement of people and their locations in the home should be specified. This is to avoid too low kitchen windows that do not allow space for cupboards or too high living room windows that do not provide a view when comfortably seated. Changing such details after log walls have been built is much more cumbersome and costly than in the design stage.

An architect experienced in log homes used right from the start will give you proper advice and guarantee the best solution within the given financial means.

3. The price offer is not thorough enough

Too often when a client asks for an offer, he does not understand the complexity of the job, nor does he have the skills or time to look into the quality of materials used.  Decisions are therefore often made on price alone.

The offer that initially seemed cheapest could turn out to be costlier later for savings were made from the wrong place.

The chosen materials considerably affect the cost (natural vs mineral materials), as do the stage of finishing, quality of windows and doors, roofing material, etc. Take a closer look at how to ask for a price of a log home.

We are always ready to help you with our experience and ideas, so you could get the best possible solution.

Don’t hesitate to tell us about your wishes and goals.

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